What is Peerby GO?

Renting just became cheaper, easier and more fun. Using Peerby Go you rent things from each other - all the products are from people in your neighborhood.

Why Peerby GO?


Your products earn back their own costs! You get paid for each day you rent out your product.


While renting out products you are protected from damage and theft by Peerby's Warranty. 


Meet your community; deliver your products and help a friendly neighbor in need.


Reusing products reduces CO2-emissions, making a positive impact on the climate.

What can you rent out?

Do you have the following item to rent out?



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How does Peerby GO work?

For suppliers

1. Add your stuff

Add belongings to your inventory, that way we can match supply with demand and optimize requests by location.

2. Receive a rental request of a neighbor by sms

When someone in your area wants to rent a product you have, you will get an sms with the request to rent your item.

3. Accept the deal

You'll receive the details of the rental, for example the length of the rental, location, delivery options and pickup moment. You even get to see who wants to rent it!

4. Deliver stuff to your neighbor

You can choose to have the item delivered by a professional or get compensated for delivering it yourself!

5. Get paid by peerby go

Peerby Go handles all payments so you don't have to deal with the hassle of cash.

6. You pick up your products

At the agreed moment you pick up your stuff at your neighbor's. Your items are of course ensured against damage by the Peerby Warranty.

Hear it from our suppliers

"Clear agreements through Peerby Go for both parties. Really nice people on the other sides!"

"So convenient to get an sms. Fast and efficient, super!"

"They were really happy with the partytent, told me it looked nice and was easy to set up."

Questions or comments on being a supplier?

Call us on workdays between 09:00 and 17:30,
or in the weekend between 10:00 and 17:00 on (818) 489-7783