What is Peerby Go?

Peerby Go is renting things you need from your neighbors. All the items on Peerby Go can be rented directly from people in your neighborhood. Items will be delivered and picked-up at a time that works for you. Orders are insured against unexpected damage or theft through the Peerby Warranty. You are always guaranteed a fair price without any hidden fees.

Peerby Go connects those people who are shortly in need of an item, with the people who actually own items that could be used more often. Our dream is to facilitate sustainable happiness, by creating instant access, for everyone, to everything, everywhere. Together we have more.

Peerby - ‘Classic'

The ‘classic’ Peerby platform has been the initial step in realizing our dream. We have been the first platform in the world that successfully empowered people on a large scale to share stuff with each other. In this way, Peerby has created free access to over a billion euro’s worth of stuff for people worldwide. Pioneers within the sharing economy have embraced Peerby and have joined us in our mission to create a world in which access is more important than ownership.

Peerby Go 

Now we are taking the next step. From conversations with our members we have learned about the desire for more security and convenience when sharing items. We have also discovered that people are open for sharing more expensive or fragile items. As a response, our new renting-platform Peerby Go creates a more certain, easy and secure sharing experience. It provides certainty, as it guarantees the availability of offered items in your neighborhood; it is easy, due to our delivery-service; and it is secure, because you are insured against damage, theft and loss with the Peerby Warranty.

Through Peerby Go, we do not only want to create access to stuff, but we also want to make that access incredibly easy and a 100% trustworthy. Peerby Go is so practical and safe that it is suitable for everyday-use. So practical and safe that it makes you think twice before buying something new. Because why would you spend a fortune on owning something, when you know you could use it for less, whenever you want. 

How does renting work?

Find the item you are looking to rent on Peerby Go and indicate the preferred address, date and time for delivery. Let us handle the rest. We will connect you with the closest possible neighbor who can fulfill your request. The item will be delivered to you on the chosen address and time and will be picked-up again after usage. Overall, it is cheaper, easier and faster than buying!

  • Choose the item you need.
  • Select a delivery- and pick-up-date and time.
  • Note your preferred delivery- and pick-up address.
  • You will receive an invoice and pay with your credit card.
  • You will receive the item on your selected date, time and address.
  • The item will be picked-up on your selected date, time and address.
  • The item you ordered.
  • A manual (when necessary).
  • All associated and complementary equipment.
  • The contact-information of the owner of the item, in case you have a question about the use of the rented item or solely want to thank him or her!

All items on Peerby Go come from people in your neighborhood. Did you know the average power drill is only used for 13 minutes throughout its entire lifespan? We consider this a waste. At Peerby we want to address this by making our "hidden abundance" available for more people. By renting through Peerby Go, you buy and own less while which is better for everyones wallet and our planet.

Never. We let you know what you get upfront. An item will always be delivered with all necessary equipment and ready-to-use. A sander is for example always delivered with sandpaper, a pressure cleaner will have its complementary hose and a barbecue will always be accompanied by coal. Furthermore, the price always includes our Peerby Warranty, which insures you against damage, theft and loss (have a look at ‘Peerby Warranty’ for more information). Basically, there is no catch when paying for your Peerby Go order.

As long as items rented through Peerby are treated with care there is nothing to worry about. In the unexpected event that an item gets damaged or theft by a third party occurs, Peerby will cover the repair costs or replace the item for the owner. As a renter you will in such cases not be charged any additional costs.

Yes! Peerby Go is our second platform that exists next to our ‘classic’ Peerby platform. You are able to choose yourself if you would like to borrow or rent an item. Peerby Classic is for when you would like to borrow something for free and do not mind the effort of arranging that yourself with your neighbor. Peerby Go is suited for when you want to make sure that an item is available, insured and will be delivered on the place and time of your choosing. You could compare it with ‘the experience of hitchhiking’ to ‘the security and convenience of renting a car’. Depending on the situation, you can choose each time what suits you best.

Of course it can sometimes happen that after placing your order with Peerby Go, you do not need an item anymore and you would like to cancel your order. Canceling your order is no problem and for free, as long as you notify us per e-mail at least 3 days (72 hours) before the initial renting date.

In the case that you did not cancel your order in time, we unfortunately have to charge a fee. In this way we can prevent disappointed neighbors, as they are the ones who have to make time and plans to deliver or pick-up their item.

When you cancel your order between 72 and 48 hours before the initial rental date, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the day price of the ordered item. In case you cancel your order between 48 and 24 hours before the rental date, the cancellation fee will consist of 75% of the concerning day price. Do you cancel your order within 24 hours to the indicated rental date? Then we will charge a one-time cancellation fee of 100% of the day price.

How does renting out work?

Do you have a lot of “stuff” laying around, not getting used? Most of us have items such as bikes, tents, or tools that only get used a few times each year.  When you sign up as a supplier you can become a Neighborhood Hero. With the help of an easy game, you can select items you are willing to rent to people around you, while seeing how much you can earn in the process. You can always go back and edit your inventory. After signing up, we will contact you when there are requests for items you own. You will always have the option to rent or not. In the message you receive from us, there is an option to let us know if it suits you to rent out your item on the indicated date and time. If so, you can respond with a ‘Yes’ and we can help out your neighbor together! If you do not have the time to rent out your item, there is no problem! Just tell us 'No' and we will try it again next time.

We guarantee you that every item you rent-out, will be returned in the same condition (aside from normal wear and tear due to use). In the unexpected event that an item gets damaged or theft by a third party occurs, Peerby will cover the repair costs or replace the item for you, our Neighborhood Hero. As a guideline for replacing an item, we will always use the current value of an item, considering the price and lifespan. To establish the current value of an item, we will for example look at comparable products on platforms like ‘Marktplaats’ for comparison. As indicated, the Peerby Warranty does not reimburse any wear and tear or depreciation of the item due to normal use.